Farrah Abraham Sex Tape News and Full Video

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It's been two years since Farrah Abraham released her first sex tape titled, ' Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom.' New reports are now claiming that yet another sex tape starring Farrah Abraham and Adam Lind is about to make its way into the porn industry. Lind Adams is a father of two; five-year-old Aubree and one-year-old Paislee. 

A source has revealed that Adam, who is also facing stalking charges, is very eager to make it into the adult entertainment scene. Adam is said to admire what Farrah has done with her career and is positive that they will be able to make a lot of money from the sex tape considering that they are both celebrities. 

The first sex tape was shrouded in controversy when the teen mom denied any involvement in the production of the sex tape. The mother of one: five-year-old Sophia denied that Backdoor Teen Mom existed when news first hit the internet. The truth, however came out when photos of her together with porn star James Deen surfaced, while they held a meeting with Vivid Entertainment officials in their Los Angeles office. 

Vivid entertainment agreed to purchase the racy movie and on release, the film gathered a lot of views both online and in stores. After the sale of the adult video, rumor has it that Farrah received more that $ 1 million together with bonuses. After the vivid entertainment released the video, a lot of people were not happy with how she had initially lied about her involvement. 

She had initially claimed that she had made BackDoor Teen Mom for personal use. A lot of people wondered why she would then sell it to Vivid Entertainment. Abraham had also claimed that she was drugged and raped several times during her promotional tour of the tape, but a lot of people also doubted the rape claim. She was asked to do a lie detector test, of which she declined.

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